Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gift Appropriate

While Maryland has had a very, very mild winter this year (with the exception of the chilly temps we've been having the past few days!), my hometown in northeast Ohio has been getting hit hard with snow, day after day. We finally got to enjoy some of the white stuff this weekend as we trekked home (puppies and all! And they HATE snow!)) to attend my grandma's surprise 75th birthday party. The area was blanketed with about five inches of snow when we arrived, and it was such a pretty setting to come home to! And the knitted gifts that I was bearing were completely appropriate for the wintry weather my family has been dealing with lately.

For my sister's 13th birthday, I knitted her a pair of mittens, which were my first-ever. Since I am still afraid of using DPNs, I followed a two-needle pattern to finish these babies, and they were actually a quick and breezy knit! The yarn is Patons Merino Wool from a local craft store, and the yardage is perfect for a pair of mittens. My favorite part ... making the thumb!

Tara's Mittens

And in other knitting gift progress, I finally finished my dad's Irish Hiking Scarf, which was my first cable project. This scarf took me FOREVER (I think I started it back in September), but I think it was well worth the wait. I used Tahki Tweed, and after blocking, the yarn softened up and shaped up soo nicely. I love! This is my favorite piece I have knitted so far. I'm now working on one for my husband, which he requested. Hopefully this one won't take me quite as long!

Irish Hiking Scarf