Tuesday, February 21, 2006

First blog post EVER!

Crazy! I can't believe I've never posted on a blog before, and I also can't believe that I just recently started paying attention to whatever the heck a blog is anyways. It's so nice to have a space of your own though, so I can see what the attraction is.

So, of all the things I could have a blog about in this great, wide world, why a KNITTING blog?!?! Well recently I've become very motivated and interested in knitting and all things yarn, and that led me to the whole "underground" world of knitting blogs. Yes, they are out there and in full force, and some of these women (and men) are crazy creative with both their crafts and web expertise. I'm totally inspired and impressed. And this isn't your grandma's knitting anymore ... it's spawned to new generations and ages of people from all backgrounds and interests. Never before surfing through online knitting blogs have I seen so many knitted skulls and crossbones .. I kid you not! These girls are tough! They are knitting rock stars out there to prove that there is still a sense of coolness to taking a pile of yarn and turning out a one-of-a-kind sweater/hat/scarf that you couldn't buy in a store!

But ... I digress. I am not that cool yet ... but someday, SOMEDAY I will be! Right now I'm sticking with the simple projects. After completing my first scarves ever, which were gifts given to my mom and mother-in-law this Christmas, I quickly moved onto dog sweaters, because I just don't think Manny and Olivia have quite enough. Thanks to Katrina and the awesome dog sweater knitting book she gave me for Christmas! Here are two pics of the sweater's I completed for my pups.

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