Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Day = Productivity

One of the best aspects of working on an academic schedule is that I get to hope and pray and wear my pajamas inside-out and backwards (that's what the kids do around here the night before a potential snow day!) in hopes of having a snow day whenever the weather looks slightly threatning. And here in Maryland, it doesn't take much to shut down the town and call it quits for a day. An inch or two of snow will cause a delay, and three inches? That day will go down in the record books as the Winter Blast of the Year! Growing up in Ohio, I got used to driving around in snowy, slippery, icy conditions most of the winter, and snow days were far and few between. But now that I've lived here in Maryland for almost five years, I find myself getting freaked out by all those weather people who encourage viewers to stock their shelves with toilet paper and food in fear of the two-inches of snow that's in the forecast about a week from now. And chances are, the snow never materializes anyways.

However, we actually did get a bout of bad weather this week, and it came in the form of snow, ice and wind. That freed up about a day and a half of my time and gave me the leisure I needed to finish Glampyre's Minisweater (or boobholder). I used Reynolds Cabana cotton and size 9 circulars. It was an easy knit, and my favorite part? The puffy sleeves! I LOVE puffy sleeves!


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Coleen said...

That's really cute! Great color. I'm enjoying all these snow days too, but having grown up in upstate NY, I find them to be a little silly! Montomery County closed schools today because it is cold out!